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    Sello de calidad Medicina XXI

Efficacy, Safety and Quality.

Safety Area Cardio Protected.
When circulation stops, the organs, including brain and heart, haven´t oxygen and stop working. The brain lesions appears after third minute, and the chances of survival are almost void after seven minutes of circulatory arrest. The fact artificially oxygenate the blood and make it circulate can prevent or slow this degradation, and provide an unique opportunity for survival.

The Respirador© is unique, more practical, faster an more efficient, perfectly suited for the maneuver. You must put by the patient's mouth with its end toward the palate. Then, turn 180º hold on the tongue, clearing the way and keeping it open. The valves only open to blow the rescuer. In the case of breath, these are closed, leaving open the exit, which is always to the outside of tube and out the mouth. In addition, an internal filter prevents the passage of saliva micro-droplets, to preventing infections and contagion reversed.

Extra benefits.
Its protective mask and mouthpiece with oral fastening brackets for the rescuer, rotates in both directions (allowing use in various positions, providing extra benefits). Use and throw away. The Respirador© is presented sterile, and each unit in a single packaging of quick opening. It should be in every place, creating a Safety Area Cardio Protected. Along with the defibrillator, ensures that the chain of survival takes place in optimal conditions. Where there is a massive influx of people, there must be present.


Cardiopulmonary arrest is the leading cause of death worldwide.

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