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Efficacy, Safety and Quality.

Seconds that save lives.
Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a set of maneuvers designed to ensure oxygenation of the organs when the circulation of the blood of a person is stopped (cardiocirculatory arrest). In fact, when circulation stops, the organs, including brain and heart, haven´t oxygen and stop working: the brain lesions appears after third minute, and the chances of survival are almost void after seven minutes of circulatory arrest. Artificially oxygenate the blood and make it circulate can prevent, stop or slow this degradation.

An unique opportunity for survival.
The Reanimation device Multi Cannula© is a new ergonomic assistant device, designed and manufactured with varied and remarkable benefits to make prophylaxis, the Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in cardiorespiratory arrest, which is the leading cause of death worldwide.

Save a life protecting another.
The Respirador device Multi Cannula© is a new instrument, more practical, rapid and more efficient, perfectly suitable for the maneuver. During the mouth to mouth resuscitation, the reanimator is exposed to the direct contact and all the risks that this implies. The victim is exposed to drownings injuries and more seriously: delays and failures in the maneuver, being able to suffer severe cerebral irreversible sequels, and even the death. With the use of Respirador© all is avoided.

Avoids contagions.
It can be used with facility by only one rescuer; it remains installed while the cardiac massage is done. The Respirador© is designed conveniently, thanks to a tube, release the mouth of the patient, be retained the tongue to prevent choking or injury, allowing the passage of air. The nozzle mask mouth-nose and its valves avoid the contact between rescuer and the patient’s mouth, thus prevents infections through breath, saliva, vomit or blood. HIV, SARS, hepatitis, infections, all kinds of diseases (more than twenty, many fatal or high severity).

“The main advantage of innovative Respirator Advanced Oropharyngeal, apart from its undoubted benefit barrier as a mechanism for avoiding the repair to perform rescue breathing and protecting both a rescuer and victim, is opening the airway and maintaining it, providing thus artificial ventilation, oxygenation and resuscitation.“
Dr. Natalia Collado
Training Director insvaCARE
Valencia, Spain.

Cardiopulmonary arrest is the leading cause of death worldwide.

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